Seashore Landscaping - Adding Texture & Color to Your Coastal Retreat

The moment we hit the boulevard in Avalon and Stone Harbor, you can smell the ocean and feel the sand beneath your toes.
Seashore Landscaping - Adding Texture & Color to Your Coastal Retreat

In creating a landscape that works for island living, there are specific plants that thrive better in full sun, salt air, and summer heat. Here are some top flowers Blue Quality Lawn Care recommends in creating your outdoor seashore escape.


These sun-loving, heat-tolerant plants are perfect for island landscapes. What sets sunpatiens apart is their ability to thrive under full sun and high humidity conditions, making them the perfect match for vibrant colors (red, pink, coral, purple), as well as sustainability. Glaring sunlight all day, every day? Sunpatiens are up for the challenge.


If you are looking for something to mirror the ocean, scaevola’s lilac-blue blooms add a pop of color to your Avalon & Stone Harbor homes. In addition, this plant is highly heat, wind, and salt tolerant and works well for both ground cover and hanging baskets. With the ocean breezes kicking up once in a while, this is a go-to flower for sturdy landscaping design.

Fountain Grass

Speaking of ocean breezes, fountain grass is seen throughout island homes and is used as a great contrast to the vibrant hues of adjacent florals. The grass is drought and salt-tolerant, making them an ideal choice for sandy soil conditions and beach landscape installations. 


For versatility, Blue Lawns often turns to begonias as they not only bloom in multiple colors but can also be used for in-ground planting and pots. Note, while many begonias prefer shade, there are some including Dragon Wing and Gryphon Begonias that can withstand more hours of sun before they need shade.

Cascading Geraniums

Avalon and Stone Harbor homes are often identified by their lush installs surrounding window boxes surrounding the home. Cascading geraniums are our top choice for these as they come in a variety of hues including red, pink, and white, and will grow to spill over the sides of the boxes giving the flowers a waterfall effect. These flowers are also sturdy and can withstand full sun, salty air, and even irregular watering once in a while - so for Stone Harbor property owners with limited watering ability - these are a great option. 

The trick to a vibrant and lush seashore landscape is to select plants that will thrive in specific island conditions (wind, salt air, heat, sun), while also having a variety of colors and contrast to give character and design to a luxury home. 

Blue Quality Lawn Care has been owned and operated by a local family since its inception and provides expert insight and customized installation and maintenance plans for each property. Looking to upgrade your outdoor space? Take the expert’s advice on how to design your seashore escape for color, sustainability, and charm.  

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